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My Wetness is Your Wetness

You are the only girl I’ve ever wanted but I can’t fathom telling you how I feel.

Love is a strong word but it’s not just a verb.

It’s you and I holding hands in the dark

The feel of your lips upon mine.

I remember the softness and can’t imagine any lips that can take your place.

My wetness against your tongue touching my tongue is a sweetness that is irresistible

That night is on repeat and if it would have been meant to be we would be.

You were my first and only but you will never be my last.

The Gateway

The gate slowly crept open as though it was inviting her in. The smell wafting out was enticing and there was a slight wetness all around. She let her lips part just enough to have her tongue slowly lick the air but she was in for a surprise. Flesh met her tongue and a soft moan escaped the lips of someone not her.

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