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Naked Bodies

The blindfold adds an element I never knew it could. But I know without sight or sound, the thought of me turns him on. His naked body calls to me with his dick standing at attention. I can feel his lips against my skin even being miles apart. Let the fantasy begin.

Punish Me

There’s a light at the end of this tunnel.

I run towards it inching closer and closer


I am sent back to the beginning


I welcome it. Punish me until I can’t take it any longer.

This isn’t supposed to be enjoyable but there is nothing I crave more.

It excites me and leaves me failing over and over again just to get a taste.

Punish me.

My saving grace.


I’ll get back to the sex soon enough but for now, you must go without. Call it a sexcation if you will. Not because I do not want to sex but just that time does not allow. My dreams are calling.

Pale Skin

As I lay beside him, my mind began to wonder. He was my first but I just had to know if it would be different this time around. He kisses me ever so softly and I welcome the change in sexual pace. He is not like the others, far from it. He takes his time and thrust ever so slow and as good as he was I just couldn’t do one thing: get over his pale skin.

Shirley Temple

I hardly remember the night but it is one I can never forget. I had sex for a Shirley Temple. I was fucked by a lake in the middle of the night by a man I didn’t know. He chocked me into submission but I welcomed it. My release was vital to it.

Sexual Appetite: Ravished

I wake up with an appetite for destruction. I want to be ravished by his riches. He has it bejeweled for me because it is money. My money, only for me. I ride around and I spend it. It likes to shower me with diamonds that only I can make into rings of pure joy.

Fuck. I grew a conscience. At least, I tried.

If I choose anything, I choose happiness. I used to take sex and cash it, but, that just left me feeling empty and used. “Are you growing a conscience?” he asked. Laying in this bed we have made, well I have made, telling this stranger I choose happy. But Sex is my therapy. Happiness can only elude me but I choose it. I want it. I want it. My body won’t allow it. I can’t have nice things. It only wants dirty and who am I to deny my body of what it wants.

Fuck Me. Pay Me.

Prostitution runs through my veins, she told herself. The vice of choice for those before her. It made the decision easier with each passing day. “I get fucked on a regular basis. I might as well get paid for it.” 

Too Good for Last Night

Last night I fucked him again. Once again, I think never again. My friendship lines are blurred because we vowed to make the last time a one night stand. I was too good for last night where fucking and love intertwined. Yet, the love will never unwind from my mind. Fucking is now the twine that makes us crave each others attention. Friendship lines are on hold because the only thing left is where the sex unfolds.

The Gateway

The gate slowly crept open as though it was inviting her in. The smell wafting out was enticing and there was a slight wetness all around. She let her lips part just enough to have her tongue slowly lick the air but she was in for a surprise. Flesh met her tongue and a soft moan escaped the lips of someone not her.

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