Writing What Is Me

Forever Last Night

There needs to be more than last night. How about in the morning?

Too many nights end with me sneaking out of this room again. Sighing. Inhale deep knowing this isn’t the way to the place of forever.

There is no sound of breakfast being made for two just sheets slightly ruffled where a body used to lay. Slightly warm though the time has passed to bring the fire back.

A cycle that I love too deeply to find that meaning. He doesn’t want that meaning found, especially not with him. Just another one night stand where touching is the end.

Passion playing a cruel joke upon us as we kiss. It has a deeper feel than most, maybe it’s the alcohol talking.


The meaning is searching, aching to come to light. One night stand that never should of happened. A kiss filled with regret. Though neither one of us is willing to admit. We don’t have to because our bodies say it all. The calling for each other. The awkwardness in our stare.

We were never meant to have a morning.

Forever last night.


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