Writing What Is Me

The Defeat of Love

Just another statement set upon those lips of impeding destruction causing for in-depth self-reflection

Fighting my feelings of joy and like because I’m afraid of how it feels to let my emotions take control of this flow

Fear consumes my essence. Being no longer being when I’m falling into the depths of this hell.

Don’t bring me back there. I can’t fight my way back to the light that needs me.

Don’t feed me words of hope and love when despair is all you are capable of.

Searching for something that will never be there.

Missing pieces that are forever misplaced. Kisses and hugs will never/can never take their place.

Fuck you and this situation. I hate the look of per ecstasy upon your face while I’m bruised by the touch of your skin.

But it won’t end.

The love always beckons me again.


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