Writing What Is Me

Are You Part of Ain’t Shit Life?

Ain’t shit. At some point we all participate in this life, though we may not want to admit it to ourselves or others. What is ain’t shit life you ask? Well, ain’t shit is when you graduate college and still do college things; when you expect for those bad things to not matter at the end of the day; you sit at home playing X-box all day saying, “Damn, I need a job”; you be in the studio saying you working when we all know you can’t rhyme worth shit; you get wasted every weekend and expect for a good woman to want to be with you (or a man). I could continue to go down the list that classifies as ain’t shit antics but I’ve made my point. I will be the first to admit that I am part of ain’t shit life. I have been for a while now. Most of my friends ain’t shit, that’s why we are friends. We like to do ratchet things in the club, we like to read people for no reason besides it’s funny, you know, the usual ain’t shit antics.

So, I know you are asking yourself, “Why is she even talking about ain’t shit life? What is her point?” Well, let me make it. This post is about relationships, as most of my musings. The other night as I was laying about my bed, I thought about how some of my friends are looking for that lasting type of love, that get married, pop out some kids and grow old type love; myself included. I wondered why love eluded myself and those around me and then it hit me! We are exuding that ain’t shit odor. That not about life existence can be sensed from a mile away, so we attract the same type of people to us. We expect for things to be different but we end up with the same results. Wanting something and actively seeking it, is two very different things. Only when we decide to actively change our ain’t shit antics will the right people infiltrate our life’s and give us what we are searching for.  Does this mean that I should drop the people I hang with? Maybe. Should we acknowledge that we need to change? Absolutely. Will we? That’s debateable.  We know we ain’t shit but, right now, we really just give absolutely no fucks. I mean, we go to the bank every day looking to withdraw some fucks and look, there is none. Deposits on empty and will not be replenished. No over drafting in this bitch. Ever. We will change when being ain’t shit isn’t fun anymore. So ain’t shit life shall live on. For now.


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