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The Death of Our Love

I never thought the day would come when I would be without you

We were one for all those years never letting each other go

That feeling of excitement that came over me when I heard you

Being lost in you, drinking up every word, every touch

You always told me you loved, never lied to me

Held me when all others failed me.

But the time is upon us to go our separate ways.

You did what you could but sometimes doing the most can never be enough

I’ve fallen out of love with you, much to my chagrin

It hurts to see my world without you in it but I’m better off without you

We were never meant to be, no matter how much we tried.

We were always meant to say goodbye.

So let’s have a drink to the death of our love.

Focus on the good times when we were the epitome of.

Forget those painful memories we wished and tried so hard to escape

Loving each other until it hurt; being only what we knew

Pain and love personified.

Though we were better than most could ever be.

The most is no longer you and me.


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One thought on “The Death of Our Love

  1. Why? This is so real…

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