Writing What Is Me

Don’t You Sure Me!

So there is just something about asking a person if they want to hang out and the first words they utter are, “Sure.” I immediately cringe and hate their existence for about 30 seconds. Sure is one of those words that has different meanings for different people. Some see it as a good word, a word that exemplifies excitement. “Sure! Of course, I would love to hang out with you!” There are those who see it as a definite affirmative of wanting or doing something, ” Yeah sure, we can totally hang out.” I on the other hand see it as a cop-out. When a person doesn’t want to do something, they pull out the trusty word sure to seal the deal. Sure is that word that is used only when someone does not want to be mean and say no but I know better. You will not use sure in my presence. You will not text it or email it or say it or hell even read it to me. There is a reason why yes and no exists. Use them as they are meant to be used. Do not bitch out and expect for me to not know that you do not really want to hang out with me or date me or have sex with me or sleep over or, or, or infinite things can be added here. I will correct you and not kindly either. Yes or no please and thank you. And yes, I said please and thank you, in which everyone knows, is the Southern gals way of saying do it
now or else. Really, am I asking for too much? Let me guess, “Sure.”


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