Writing What Is Me

The Dance

There are days I want to sit at my computer with the click of the keys as music to my ears writing something insanely profound.

Most days I fail.

Am I even profound enough to be, well, profound?

Does my wanting to be profound classify as profoundness?

Or am I chasing an unattainable dream? A desire to be great, to reach the masses and change their view of the world.

Is this what I’m seeking and claiming it to be profundity?

Is that not profundity as its best?

The ability to delve deep into the crevices of a mind to extract a seed as small as atoms and neurons floating in our atmosphere

To water that seed into a full blown idea that is molded and crafted to into a tangible entity.

We seek nothing more than profoundness when we are all profound everyday

Getting out your dreams is a deeper thought than can ever be expressed

Do not mistake your voice for ghosts

For ghosts are only fragments; intangible pieces of truth.

Never mistake your truth with the lies that are feed by those who do not understand the profundity of the dance.



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