Writing What Is Me

An Unobserved Statement of Observation

Cushion me from the fall that has been set in motion by those lips of deceiving devotion

The observation of how uncomfortable you make me feel

Only to be replaced by uncomfortableness in the most comfortable form

My back rests so easily on you and soon enough I’ve melted into the frame hoping that it stays forever unchanged

Suddenly, I’m rearranged and not in the slightest have you noticed

I’m just another body laid upon this couch

Pressure against my skin burning until those arms find me again

But that couch only brings me misery as it continues to caress me.

I’m sucked back in by that uncomfortableness that brings happiness in the most masochistic pleasure

I feel those hands upon my neck squeezing the life out of me and darkness surrounds me while I sing into the land of pure bliss

That explosion upon my body will never leave; those scars are the forever kind

It all started with an observation and ended with a statement

Blending pain and pleasure that hurts so bad but feels so good

Unobserved truths weave the fiber of our existence


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