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New Orleans is more than heartbreak

New Orleans, a city that is known for its partying ways but also, unfortunately, its crime rate as well, is certainly on its way to being the murder capital of this country. If it is not all ready. As the city continues to get back to pre-K levels,the crime steadily climbs back to the top of the charts it once occupied. It was scary to realize that on the 13th day of January there had already been 11 murders, not including a suspect shot by police after a high-speed chase. 13 days into 2012 and the violence has swept the city, and it has not stopped. Citizens of New Orleans ask the question, “what can be done to take back our city from crime,violence, and murder?”

There is not an easy answer nor is there an answer that will give us an immediate solution. The blame has to be put on someone for letting things get so bad but who? Do we blame the mayor, who has words of wisdom but no real action plan? Do we blame the chief of police, who though has brought us a long way and cleaned up most of the NOPD still can’t seem to ever get his story straight and make excuses? Do we blame the parents, who ignore their children or even introduce them to the violent ways that end their life’s all too soon? Do we blame the teachers, who no longer invest time and energy into saving our youth and being that inspiration? Do we blame ourselves for allowing it to get this bad and not giving back to our community to encourage a different set of values and behavior?

Honestly, we must blame all of those above. We have allowed for it to get this bad by being complacent and accepting of practices that should have long ceased to happen. The crime rate increases everyday, along with the murder rate, and the number of funerals in the city. I’ve heard so many people say that they have been to more funerals than any other gathering. Normalcy here should not be murder and racism but unity and growth. We have to take responsibility for our actions and the influence it has had on our children. They deserve better.

This city, is becoming more than what it ever could have been in the past. This city is moving forward after it was condemned by its country. New Orleans will no longer be about the great divide. We have come too far to see it still be a black and white issue, a death and murder issue. This is not just a government issue, but a societal and humane one. Fathering and mothering our children is what needs to be the main focus. We can not allow for the youth of today to be raised by tv and video games. The youth cannot and should not be afraid to play  in their own backyards because of the violence in their area. Their cries need to be heard and they should hurt your heart. Tears should sting your face from anger, pain, hurt. This should cause for a movement, a radical change in our society and the way we view it. Violence, murder, crime, unfairness and racism will continue to exist when we continue to look at situations as a race/class issue and not a human issue. We all have to be a voice for a generation. A positive voice that will create change and productivity.


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