Writing What Is Me

The Makings of A Star

Encouragement. Nourishment. Skills. Talent. Potential. Perfection. Greatness. A few qualities that all stars have. In all actuality, it is the qualities that us as human beings have. The only problem is that the majority of us do not tap into these qualities. Everyone has potential to do something but making it into greatness, into perfection is hard. Hard work takes sacrifice and courage in which a lot of us are afraid of. The ability to make executive decisions, as I like to call them, is difficult. The belief in ones talent is also very trying. How does one push past all the negativity; all of the doubt? I struggle with this question on a regular basis. Being a writer comes with certain rules I guess you would call them. Maybe not rules, more so guidelines or suggestions. The belief that ones work is never good is a trait that all writers have, especially the good ones. Never truly knowing your greatness sometimes always plays in your favor. It encourages you to do better, to practice your craft, hone your skills. Every star never stops working, never stops learning. The moment you stop, is the moment you should no longer be doing what you are doing. There is nothing worse than a person who thinks they are great when there is someone out there who is better and is doing it better because they continue learning and growing through their work. We should all strive to be this person even if we think there is nothing in particular we are good at. With practice comes greatness. Along with greatness comes criticism and rejection and disappointment. The hardest thing to deal with is rejection. Most are never prepared for it and it leads to disappointment, anger. This is your motivation, your drive to keep going. We are all naive in the ways of our heart but our head leads us to the path of sensibility. We must be sensible in our actions and thoughts. Things do not happen as we wish them to happen but happen when they are meant to. Greatness takes time. It has been said that (wo)men are not born great but have greatness thrust upon them. We are all stars in the making. At some point we will be great. Allow yourself that thought and go after whatever it is you want. Fear is the enemy. Conquer it. Look past it. All you should see is the stars.


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