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Looks are not everything or maybe they are?

Every Wednesday on Twitter, Paul Brunson (@onedegreefromme), does his modern-day matchmaker session with a bachelor or bachelorette. Last Wednesday’s match seemed to have a great personality and a lot of women were yelling match before they saw a picture. When it came time for the picture to come out some people who were yelling match decided his looks were not right to go through with the match. This caused for a debate on twitter about how shallow some women really are. Men have always been considered shallow so that wasn’t a question. Women for some reason are seen as not being as shallow or maybe it’s because women call foul when a man focus on looks. Women like to say that looks do not matter that much but those are lies. All women tell themselves that lie. Why? So they can say they are better than men, the superior sex. However, last Wednesday proved that women are indeed just like men. Looks matter and if someone tells you they don’t then they are lying.

I will not sit here and say that I have not been a participant in the shallow game. I’ve played more than once and I’m not proud about it either. I believe at some point all people get wrapped up in looks but a lesson is learned at the same time. I stop letting others view of who I’m with affect my decision to be with anyone. I’m the one who has to be with this person and as long as they treat me right then nothing else should matter. Now, I’m not saying that looks should not be factored in because obviously you have to be attracted to the person physically in some way. Just don’t let how attractive a person is be the only deciding factor because you will be disappointed.


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